Q: What are the dimensions of the village hall?
A: The main hall is approximately 14.92m length by 6.65m width, the bar lounge area is approximately 4.13m length by 5.24m width

Q: I am going to hire a bouncy castle for a kids party, what is the height of the hall?
A: The hall has an apex roof, the centre of the hall is approx 3.5m high graduating down to approx 2.95m at the sides, there are roof support rails that drop the height to around 3.25m so 2.9m is a sensible maximum limit which would allow the castle to be placed in one of several areas in the hall. Please note that objects including bouncy castles and associated mats should not obscure the fire exits or escape path in any way.

Q: How many people can the hall accommodate?
A: The maximum legal occupancy is 200 people

Q: How big is the stage and can it be moved?
A: The stage is 3.67m x 2.45m and can be relocated around the hall.

Q: How can I get large bulky items/equipment in to the hall?
A: The largest door way into the main hall is the side/fire door which is 1.7m width x 2.03m height.

Q: Can we use the projector when we hire the hall?
A: Yes though there will be an additional hire cost as the lamp in the projector has a set number of hours before it needs replacing. If you are planning to project a film or similar media production the hirer must ensure that licensing has been obtained for this – Organisations such as Filmbank http://www.filmbankmedia.com/ can supply these.

Q: Do you have PA facilities that we can use when we hire the hall?
A: Yes though there is an additional hire cost to cover maintenance and upkeep of the PA system (amplifier and speakers), please advise when booking what you propose to connect to the PA system.

If you have any further questions please submit them via the Contact Form or email bookings@littlewitleyvillagehall.co.uk

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